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    A friend of mine introduced me to play this game called-Q by Liica.
    Well.. At first, when I look at the screenshots on the app store, it wasn't “that” attractive, but I still downloaded it so that I can have something to say when my friend ask me about it.;)
    I played till level 32 and it has been really challenging.
    Lv 1-15 is just some easy stuffs, and I just got stuck in lv 16 and till now I still skipping that level and move forward:D

    Overall, I did enjoyed the game as it's simple yet challenging.
    Graphic wise I wouldn't comment a lot, because it's a puzzle and indies kind of game, so I am good with it.
    Music wise, it is a bit pushy and making people nervous while listening to the soundtracks.
    Last thing that have to be improve is the massive ads that pop-up in any moments. It should be removed or reduced. :(

    *The Story of Its Creation*
    Having some spare time at the end of the last project our programmer tested the capabilities of Unity to see what might be possible. During this time they created something like a paint tool that follows the laws of physics.
    The tool utilizes the basic features of Unity, and so objects drawn with a mouse fall to the ground and collect within the screen abiding to the laws of physics. Is it possible to make a game out of this?
    And with that the producer (that’s me) drew a see-saw that strew poo all throughout the screen using the principle of leverage, but being an adult of a certain age soon grew tired of that. That was replaced by the severe desire to bully other people. (Not really an adult at all).
    I drew a cylinder on the screen and then drew a ball inside of it.
    I played a game, cornering a member of our staff nearby and challenging them to get the ball out of the cylinder, then enjoyed watching as they proceeded to fail.
    However everyone made so many various attempts that after repeating a process of trial and error someone finally came along who was able to do it.
    And so new unreasonable tasks were thought up before being thrust at everyone else.
    New ways of completing previous tasks and methods for completing tasks in as fewer steps as possible were developed.
    It was like watching humanity’s evolution and refinement throughout the ages.
    What started as poo on a see-saw is now an intelligent form of entertainment!!
    At that point we had something 90% identical the current format, and the game Q we have here today is the game the programmer and I created together using this concept.
    Each stage has simple instructions to achieve the goal, such as “hit the left wall” and “get the ball out of the cup”. And being able to complete this all on one screen is a remnant of that time as well.

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    Hmm, looks intriguing. What does the gameplay consist of?

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