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    Catch ! is a fun arcade game containing of a hook that swings on rope, and pretty colorful circles. Swing your hook on the rope to catch circles. Your hook will leave a vibrating line trail when you catch a new circle.

    ✓ Catch ! can give you: Lovely, simple graphics and animations, simple controls, nice physics, compelling and endless arcade gameplay.

    ✓ Your aim in Catch !, is to get as high as possible. Colorful circles will help you on your endless journey. Beware: Not all pretty looking circles are friendly.
    [​IMG]----------------------------- [​IMG]
    Each type of circle serves a different purpose:​
    • Black circles help you to get higher
    • Red circle will drive you mad
    • Green circles inverse your hook’s rotation direction, and flashes a green screen
    • Blue circles speed up rotation of your hook, and flashes a blue screen
    • Orange circles give you 50 points, and flashes an orange screen
    Catch them wisely to reach new heights !
    ✓ Difficulty will rise as you go higher. Your hook will speed up rotating according to your score, thus making the game more difficult, and annoying to play.

    ✓ Use social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus) to share your highest score on Catch ! with a screenshot with your friends and show them who is the best!

    Please contact me if you have a problem or you would like to know something, via e-mail:
    or you can follow me on Twitter

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