[GAME][4.1+][FREE] Jelly Nova - Unique match-3 game with the rotating game field!

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    The most unique match-3 game with the rotating game field! Create your own team of heroes!

    Welcome to Jelly Nova! No doubt, you will be impressed by this «match-3 game» from the very first level! Incredible opportunities and very interesting puzzle levels are waiting for you! Create your own team of heroes and go on an exciting space adventure!

    Find the mysterious Jelly Nova and unravel the secret of the Jelly Creatures origin! Meet lots of amazing space heroes. They would help you if you help them! Assemble your own team of space heroes, upgrade their skills and go on a fabulous space journey to Jelly Nova! Colorful bonuses, interesting levels and plenty more!


    ★ Collect the Jelly Creatures for getting past the «match-3 game» levels.
    ★ Original heroes which have the unique skills.
    ★ Hundreds of thrilling levels including the incredible opportunities and exciting puzzle levels!
    ★ Exclusive game mechanics assumes the rotating of the game field!
    ★ Upgrade the skills of your team.
    ★ Plunge into fantastic space world which is full of secretes and adventures!

    Enjoy the game!


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    Free download: Google play

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