Universal Galaxy Run 2 (Ready for Pre-Release Testing!)

Discussion in 'Upcoming iOS Games' started by spiel, Mar 8, 2016.

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    Dec 31, 2013
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    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to play your game.

    This is a fantastic and high quality looking game that shows the hard work that was put into making it.
    The graphics look great. The sounds fit well. The characters look like they have a little bit of personality.
    This endless, forward, sci-if runner is cute and fun.
    The controls are simple. Tap on the right or left (depending which way you want to jump) towards the bottom of the screen.
    You run forward along pieces of a platform that seem like they are almost rotating. You must tap at the right moment to jump onto another platform. The platforms can be on the right or left and can be short or long. Sometimes you can use a jet pack to fly over the platforms. Sometimes there is a coin on the platforms. Collect these for extra boosts, characters (called avatars in the game) and other things.
    There is a daily bonus for extra coins and a fun spinning wheel that you can 'pay' 25 coins to earn a prize. possibly more coins? Or boosts (Jet packs)? Or maybe you'll break even or not get what you want. Who knows?
    Sometimes during the game, you are able to 'try' a new character or a different scene temporarily. I like this feature because I am able to figure out what new avatars I want to 'purchase' instead of just guessing and hoping I am going to like it.
    There's a lot going on in Galaxy Run 2. The biggest thing being; fun!

    The only constructive criticism I can give is regarding the location of the boost button. I keep accidentally tapping/pressing it because it is in the same area that I would naturally tap on my iPad to jump left. It can get quite frustrating at times. Also, to avoid it, the controls feel less natural to me because it forces me to place my hand higher up on one side of my iPad to avoid it. This is fairly minor

    Good luck!!!

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