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Discussion in 'iPhone and iPad Games' started by ismyhc, Oct 1, 2013.

  1. ismyhc

    ismyhc Well-Known Member

    Someone left a review on the appstore in which they stated that the iCade support is only 50%, that firing doesn't work. Has anyone ran into this issue? I cannot replicate the issue. Everything works fine when I test using my iCade 8bitty.

    Also, version 1.2 update went into review this morning. Update should be live soon if all goes well!

    Heres a recap of whats included:

    Galaxoid verison 1.2

    Bug fixes:
    • Fixed possible crash during Boss Battles
    • Fixed bug when pressing and sliding off of pause button
    • Fixed bug where rate dialog would possibly popup on resume during game

    • Added Auto-Fire feature. Tap to fire, Press and hold for Auto-Fire! (This should appease everyone.)
  2. somedumbgamer

    somedumbgamer Well-Known Member

    May 4, 2013
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    Thanks for adding the auto-fire. Works exactly how I was hoping it would. I tested it out on my iphone5 and seems like a great improvement. Sold my iPad 3 recently, but hope to try it on the iPad Air this weekend
  3. Yeah, definite problem with icade core, which means probably all other icades except maybe the bitty is working.

    No button fires. Can't get fire at all, but screen touch works.

    If you can make button 7 on icade core (which is basically the same as the original icade) it would be nice.

    The bitty is not really good for development cause it is not made by Ion who makes icade, and the button assignments are really bad.

    Anyway, kinda strange that no button works, but maybe have a couple of buttons register to fire, that is what most devs do for the bitty mapping problem.

    Please make button #7 the fire on the icade core.

  4. ismyhc

    ismyhc Well-Known Member

    Looking into this everyone.
  5. Thanks, would be happy to beta test the icade for you if you need help. Take care.
  6. ismyhc

    ismyhc Well-Known Member

    Still working on fixing the icade issues. Ill let you guys know something soon.

  7. ismyhc

    ismyhc Well-Known Member

    Looking for a few people to test the iCade bug fixes. If you have a test flight account and are interested, please pm me your email so I can send you an invite!

    Im looking for iCade core users in particular.

  8. Of course, you got your man! Will pm you.
  9. somedumbgamer

    somedumbgamer Well-Known Member

    May 4, 2013
    I'm really diggin this game since the new auto-fire was implemented. The buttons are perfect! I also really like having the option to tap to fire, especially because it fires as fast as I can tap...which I then go back to auto-fire, to rest.

    I broke out my 8-bitty and am having the most fun yet. It plays perfectly on ipad air!
  10. Getting icade to work on cores and the original is going well too. It should be done shortly!
  11. ismyhc

    ismyhc Well-Known Member

    Im glad I was able to win you over :)

    Thanks again for your help with this! Hope to be submitting the fix for iCade Core and original soon!
  12. No problem, glad to be of assistance, I'll get back to you later tonight on the latest build. Thanks again.
  13. New icade build plays great! Alright!
  14. ismyhc

    ismyhc Well-Known Member

    Galaxoid version 1.2.1 submitted to Apple last night!

    This version only includes a bug fix for iCade Core, and Original.

  15. Alright! Glad the icade is working good now!
  16. ismyhc

    ismyhc Well-Known Member

    Version 1.2.1 has been approved. You should see the update soon!

    Should fix the iCade Core issues.

  17. Hey, thanks for taking the time to work on the icade! Love playing games with a quality joystick!
  18. ismyhc

    ismyhc Well-Known Member

    No problem! Thanks to you for beta testing!
  19. Was playing on my icade with my new ipad 4, and it played great. Played alot of icade games last night, and it's cool to see games like this play so well with a joystick.
  20. ismyhc

    ismyhc Well-Known Member

    Glad to hear you are enjoying it! For what it's worth I'll be submitting Galaxoid to the Google Play store and Samsung App Store this weekend for Android!

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