Galactigun: Rhythm Blaster

M80 Games
The eccentric alien, DJ Kranius, has attacked our galaxy with epic beats of bass dropping proportions. In this music rhy…
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The eccentric alien, DJ Kranius, has attacked our galaxy with epic beats of bass dropping proportions. In this music rhythm game, you must save the planet from his mesmerizing audio armada. Travel through the synthwave torrent, destroying enemy ships using your rhythm and beat blaster skills. Only the top beat blaster pilots can withstand the onslaught of enemies. Precise timing will accelerate your score, earning you advanced power-ups, increasing the firepower of the BB-X1 (Beat Blaster Experimental Spacecraft). Galactigun is a rhythm game designed for everyone. It's easy to learn, yet challenging to master. **Pay close attention when you first launch the game. Howie, the ship mechanic will help you configure your BB-X1 to make sure your touchscreen timing is accurate. All you have to do is tap along with his drum beat and he will complete the process** How to play: Galactigun is all about timing, tapping and rhythm. Tap enemies to the beat of the song. You can only destroy enemies when they are near the tap zone, the glowing line at the bottom of the screen. There are two types of enemies --Enemy Ships & Space Mines- --Enemy ships are destroyed simply by tapping them! --Space mines are different. You must touch and hold the space mine for the length of it tail. Tip: When you release at the end of the tail, accuracy can win you extra points! Accuracy can make a big difference in your score. The more accurate you are, the more points you receive per hit. If you destroy an enemy with perfect timing, you will collect a music note. These notes are converted into coins which you can spend in the shop to buy power-ups. -Power-ups There are 3 types of power-ups in Galactigun. -Shields -Armor -XP Boost You can arm these power-ups before each round (Shields) Shields protect your combo, if you have a shield armed and your combo meter is over 25, the shield will activate. If you miss an enemy while the shield is activated, your combo will be protected. (Armor) This saves your life one time. If you miss an enemy, you will not lose a heart. (XP Boost) This multiplies the earned XP during a play session. The M80 Dev team thanks you for trying our game. We loved making it and hope you enjoy playing it!
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Release:Sep 08, 2021
Updated:Nov 08, 2021
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