FYI - total iPhone reset/restore: what is lost/kept

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Lounge' started by Adams Immersive, May 5, 2009.

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    My iPhone 3G keeled over yesterday (well, the audio did anyway). 5 minutes at the Apple Store got me a free swap.

    So... time to find out just HOW much gets restored from backup! I was nervous indeed. All in all, I was pretty pleased with the process (even though I'll have to to the "dock shuffle" in batches of 4 to get my home screens back in order).

    FYI, here's what I found (OS 2.2.1):

    Icon arrangement (3rd-party apps become alphabetical--at least easy to find in a way :eek: )
    Local email copies (only for POP servers)
    Incoming and outgoing mail passwords
    WiFi passwords
    Voicemail passcode
    Lock code and auto-lock time
    Recent Google searches (for auto-complete)
    YouTube history
    Last searches in App Store/iTunes
    Last Genius playlist choice
    Settings and last view/route in Maps
    Location Services opt-in approvals
    World clocks and clock alarms
    Stocks and weather panes
    Choice of view (month/day/list) in calendar
    Last number left in Calculator
    Safari cookies (stay-logged-in etc.)
    Fetch frequency (defaults to 60 minutes)
    Emoji hack (easily fixed)
    Dev apps installed via Xcode instead of iTunes

    Your phone number of course!
    Your photo library (I'm assuming Camera Roll is lost if you hadn't synched to iPhoto etc.)
    Your music, podcasts and videos
    Your contacts and calendars
    All other settings including sounds and brightness
    All mail accounts
    iTunes store ID
    Custom wallpaper
    All notes
    Speed dial favorites
    Recent numbers history
    Open pages in Safari
    Safari history
    All 3rd-party app data (game progress, passwords, etc.)
    SMS history
    Developer provisioning profile(s) even if installed via Xcode instead of iTunes... BUT you still need to install a new profile if you're on an actual new device (the old one doesn't recognize the new device ID)

    Auto-complete/spellcheck learning (which draws on your Address Book regardless)

    Really, the icon order and the mail passwords (since I use them too rarely to remember) were the main PITAs. I'll have to re-install my game in progress, but I don't expect a problem since the dev profile was retained.

    On the bright side, I had scratched my phone on DAY ONE* and now months later it's all new again :) And the Apple Genius was very fast and efficient. And they even did an Erase All Content while I watched--without me having to ask.

    Note than in Settings you can do a Reset All Settings--and that loses your icon order AND all your settings (but not email accounts). Your app data is not lost, but in terms of losing all your main Settings, it's more destructive than a full restore.

    (* Just the chrome. Did you know jeans these days come with GRAVEL IN THE POCKETS? :mad: :eek: :eek: Well, they do. And amazingly, gravel doesn't hurt the iPhone plastic or screen... but it sure scratches chrome!)
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    Hmm.....Go back and talk to Apple if you dont live o far away, cause that sounds awkward.
    Maybe you have 3.0 beta?? JK
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    It really wasn't bad--other than the icon arrangement which I knew about already. That really needs to be preserved.

    Lots of picky little things got lost (last search in YouTube? big deal) but I wanted to make a complete list since I couldn't find one online beforehand.

    The BIG things were all preserved. Loss of passwords I can understand maybe, as a security issue. Those don't get backed up. (Maybe they will with OS 3, iPhone backups will be encrypted IIRC.)
  4. Adams Immersive

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    Dec 5, 2008
    Freelance interactive design and programming
    OK--the developer provisioning profile WAS preserved... but that profile was for the wrong phone, so was not usable (Xcode app installation failed to verify). This problem doesn't apply if you wipe/restore on the SAME phone, but I was moving to a replacement phone. It took about 10 minutes of reading/fiddling to get everything transitioned to a new provisioning profile. (Using the same profile NAME caused some confusion--but Xcode listed them by date to distinguish them. Even so, I was unable to set the proper Code Signing identity until I deleted the old profile from Provisioning in the Organizer window. Then all was well. My game runs on the new device now.)

    Using the dev center and Xcode to get the new phone provisioned was slightly hairy, but only slightly. (Like a pig.)
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    The change of UDID would be my problem. I wish they had to write those on site, like send a little flash through a special program and it permanently writes your UDID, and inactivates the old UDID.

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