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    Funb3rs is FREE!!!

    Funb3rs, the social game to challenge your friends and have fun with numbers!
    You just have to reach the given Target Number, swiping your finger on the screen to add up digits. Each time you get it, a new one will appear, and so on. Try to make the as many sums as you can and take advantage of bonuses to get more points: at the end of the third round the player with the highest score will be the winner!
    You can play to the last sum with your friends or challenge a random user all over the world!
    Funb3rs is an extremely fun game that pushes you to improve your results match after match and, at the same time and almost without you being aware of it, it trains your calculation abilities and math logic.
    There are many free features available:
    • Asynchronous online multiplayer challenges
    • Personal and detailed statistics
    • Option to challenge Facebook friends
    • Global and Facebook friends ranking
    • Training mode and tutorial
    • Funny avatars to set the profile image and the possibility to use the Facebook profile picture
    Additional premium features:
    • Pass&Play mode, allowing two players to challenge each other on the same device
    • Unlimited chat
    • Additional avatar packages
    • Opponents detailed statistics
    • Video ads removal
    • Suggestion of the most effective digit chain
    • Turbo mode, to get additional points in a number series
    • Timeout, to stop the flow of time during the match in order to prepare the following move (only one use per match)
    • Freeze, to stop the clock at the beginning of a round and better examine the numbers grid.
    • Undo, to go back a slot during the creation of a digit chain
    What are you waiting for? Challenge your friends and become the King of Numbers!!!

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