Fun Camera - Simulate reality and create funny effects.

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    This is a unique camera application. It can simulate reality and create funny effects.

    When I startup this application, I find there are many scintillate stars in my camera in amazement.
    Before using it, I never think this kind of effects can appear in my device.

    When I make the camera point to my kitchen, there are so many twinkle stars show above pan. I really know it is not true, but it very funny.
    It is very cool that one flame is firing on my palm when make camera face to my hand.
    My child can make fire ball on this application when he simulate 'Kung fu' actions.

    Oh, by the way, perhaps one photo in my photo gallery can be used for this application. I apply twinkle stars effect to my child’s photo which his hands held up. When click above space of his hands, one new photo is created. So amazing effects, my friends will be in big surprise if I send new photo to them.

    Ah, I could make practical joke by it! Peter is very proud in this photo; I can add black smoke above his head by Fun Camera and send to his friend as joking. I think it will be very funny.

    All of these are virtual reality. But it give me very fantastic feeling. Through continue touching, twinkle stars can be show in my kitchen, on my body and above my palm. All these photos are very funny and creativity. Everyone should say “Cool!”

    Yes, this is Fun Camera. Funny and unique camera and photo application.

    ★ Easily using, it can show your light and bouncing hint for every button. Do not depend on user manual.
    ★ There are dozens effects can be chose in full version application. It will be added new effects in the future. Lite version has 9 effects.
    ★ Touch screen to changing effect status
    ★ Overlay dynamic effects to camera scenes.
    ★ Create photos with really scenes and effects together.
    ★ Can select photos from photo gallery and add effect.
    ★ Take photo firstly, then add effect.
    ★ Tap the bottom right button, right away you can see pictures taken just now.
    ★ Share photos to Facebook, Flickr and Email.
    ★ Browse photo quickly in new photo gallery. Selected photo can export to system photo gallery.
    ★ Left slide menu embedded Facebook fans page. Users can share funny or creativity photos by it.

    Face to iPhone users
    - Take photo and change effect as the same time. Or you can add effect after taking photo.
    - Certainly, you can overlay effect to photo stored in your device.

    Face to iPod Touch users.
    - Overlay stored photo, because of no camera in iPod Touch. But it is very funny.
    - You can download image from internet and overlay effect, then send new image to your friends.

    Upgrade Road map
    - Add more and more effects
    - Enhance Facebook and Flickr sharing method to instead of current upload method by using Email.
    - According to users feedback, add new features and effects

    Development story of Fun Camera

    This application has released draft version in August,2010. This version was free in 2 days. It entered to top 10 in short time. So I know users love it.
    Because it is not perfect, I take much effort and modify bugs reported from users.
    I solved IOS3 crashed issue and add use special photo gallery features to improve browsing speed. Especially, I have added feature to let user select stored photos to overlay effects. Users can add love effect to their photos.
    Add auto zoom and rotating functions to fit screen. iPod Touch users can use Fun Camera too.
    Users like to use email to send photos, So I have compressed photo file for sending email, one 256k photo can be compressed to 50k.

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    Jul 14, 2009
    New version has been submitted, and now photos automatically saved to the photo library.

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