From Never Coding or Doing Game Art to Making A Full Game in 5 Months with UE4

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  1. Hoping my Indie story could help a few folks...

    First a little bit of back story...

    Roughly five months ago, I decided to dive deep into game development using the new Unreal Engine 4.

    Keep in mindÂ…
    I never coded before UE4
    I never created game art before UE4
    I never created game animation before UE4
    I never used UE4 (Unreal Engine) before

    I finally completed a full game that has been submitted into Apple's App Store, Google Play, and even tried Amazon.

    While it's not a huge game in any sense, it's a monumental step for myself coming from zero experience to learning the UE4 engine, coding, art, animation, and porting in the app stores in just 5 months.

    It was a big accomplishment for myself.

    So I wrote a time-line journal entry on:

    How I learned game development in less than 5 months with Unreal Engine.

    Being an Indie I feel this is a monumental step for myself and may help others that read the story... who knows.

    Of course while there are others in these forums who have much more massive games. I do feel proud that I can happily say I have submitted a complete game and can brush shoulders with other indie game developers in the industry.
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    Nov 18, 2014
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    Nice article

    Good Read

    I've been programming for years, it is really nice that developers can now
    create games without spending a fortune and share their vision.

    I remember years ago Unreal Engine was about $750,000+ per title.

    So why did you decide to use Unreal Engine instead of unity, cocos2d, monogame, etc.,

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