Frizzy: Christmas Bubble Shoot

Frizzy must save Christmas and she needs help in her epic journey to the North Pole so you must install and play this bu…
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Frizzy must save Christmas and she needs help in her epic journey to the North Pole so you must install and play this bubble shooter saga to be her hero.

The Grinch is trying to steal Christmas again so this time he stole all the Christmas socks so that no child in the world would get a present. In his evilness he hid all the socks behind Christmas bauble puzzles. When all was considered lost, Frizzy, a little girl from the orphanage, discovered she can help save Christmas by solving the puzzles and recover the Christmas socks. She's the only hope so Frizzy will do her best to bring a smile to her other friends in the orphanage and children all over the world. Will you help her shoot bubbles and solve Christmas puzzles?

***** "An epic Christmas bauble shooter saga perfect for the winter holidays" -

"Frizzy" is a fun Christmas-themed game for children and adults alike. With beautiful graphics and a joyful soundtrack you'll spend countless hours solving the numerous bubble shooting puzzles available. From simple levels that only require you to free Christmas socks, to complex ones where you recover stolen gifts or trapped animals, Frizzy is a game for all ages.

Here are some of the features that make Frizzy the perfect choice for a game to play during Christmas and the winter holiday:
◆ 100+ levels. Hundreds of fun bubble shooting levels are shown on a map and Frizzy must travel through the desert, ocean and ultimately the North Pole to reach Santa.
◆ Power-ups. Some levels will unlock power-ups that let our bubble shooting hero advance faster through levels (FiveBall for more moves, bursting ColorBall or an IceBlast).
◆ Christmas game. Frizzy has beautiful Christmas-themed graphics (animated snow, glowing baubles, jingles and many more) only matched by a joyful soundtrack.
◆ Facebook integration. Connect your Facebook account to get bonuses and follow your friends' progress in their bubble shooting adventure.
◆ Star-based ratings. At the end of each level you get 1-3 stars based on how many intact bubbles you collect in the magical bubble pots.
◆ Score boost. Jingle bells will fill your screen as you pop bubbles and those increase your score as well as the multiple strike bonuses.
◆ Simple gameplay. Just as the classical bubble shooter game, in Frizzy you aim then tap-and-release to shoot bubbles and destroy 3 (and up) matching baubles.
◆ In-game gold. As you progress through levels you'll obtain gold coins that can be used to purchase power-ups or lives to retry failed levels faster.

Beware though, Grinch is evil and he's always trying to put Frizzy's journey to a stop so you must help Frizzy solve difficult bubble shooting puzzles in very few moves. With over 100 (and growing) bubble puzzles to solve, her journey is a difficult one. She must also save other cute animals that were trapped by the Grinch and recover gifts that were stole from Santa so this is a job for a courageous little girl such as Frizzy.

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Release:Dec 18, 2014
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