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    The idea behind the game is that you can challenge your friends to a turn based battle of strategy committing as many or as few of your units as you dare. Units will range from general infantry to armoured vehicles to fighter jets and special weapons such as missiles and bombs.

    Units are bought via the store using money awarded when a game is played (the amount of money you receive depends on your performance); you can also use real money to purchase game money via the Google store.

    Units also have a minimum experience level required before a user can purchase them. Every time the user plays the game, either against the computer or human, a certain number of experience points are awarded depending on their performance. As the user gains more experience they can level up and unlock more weapons.

    Another element to the game is selecting a general to lead your army in the battle. When you challenge a computer or human you will be asked to select a general from the list, each with their own skill sets i.e. one general might give you a 10% attack bonus or a 25% defence bonus.

    Check out the kick starter page for more details!

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