Fresh Candy Machines

Bitasio Inc
Have a sweet, sweet time with Fresh Candy Machines - A Free-to-play 3D match puzzle game with colorful candy! Join Suga…
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Have a sweet, sweet time with Fresh Candy Machines - A Free-to-play 3D match puzzle game with colorful candy! Join Sugar-Ann on a fantastical adventure in a 3D candy wonderland! Test your wits against a unique two-column challenge! Match THREE or MORE candies in a single column OR match FOUR in a square across two columns to beat the level! Swipe and match candies together to earn stars and advance to the next level on the Candyland Map! Beat each level excellently to earn 3 stars, but remember—each level becomes even more challenging as you go! Earn coins that let you buy boosts to help you on your quest! Earn 3 stars in a level to gain special coins! These can unlock new mini-games that you can explore in the Game Room—in full 3D! Become the best in Fresh Candy Machines, and have a Sweet, Sweet Time! Features : THE SWEET TIME NEVER ENDS Enjoy the game endlessly as more and more levels are added over time! CHECK OUT THE SWEET 3D GAME ROOM Explore the game room with Sugar-Ann and play different mini-games for more prizes! Play the mini-games and win more rewards to keep the sweet time going! • Spin the Wheel – get luck with a random prize! • Memory Game - Pick a card to reveal a candy, then find its partner to match them up! • Stacker Game - Build a tower of bricks by timing them to stack perfectly on top of each other and reach the finish line! DAILY PRIZES WITH THE PRIZE WHEEL Earn free prizes every day by spinning the wheel! SWEET BOOSTS TO HELP YOU WIN • Time Booster - Running out of time? Time Booster gives you extra time to complete the level! • Bomb Booster - Match this with a candy and it will destroy the same type of candies at once! • Piece Eliminator – Removes a single candy! Just drag the Piece Eliminator over the candy you want to destroy! • Shaker - Having trouble matching candies? Use the shaker to switch candies around with each other! • X Eliminator – Removes candies in an X formation! • Divider – Removes candies in a large area! • Life Refill – Keep the game going—instantly refill your life with this boost!
Seller:Bitasio Inc
Genre:Arcade, Puzzle
Release:Dec 22, 2020
Updated:Jun 23, 2021
Size:224.4 MB
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
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Compatibility:HD Universal