FREECool A Guitar--NEW!!!(Universal App)

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  2. A comment would be much appreciated!:p
  3. 【Win $10×3 US iTunes Gift Card】


    【Win $10×3 US iTunes Gift Card】

    Attention!! Contest is coming. Win $10×3 US iTunes Gift Card right now. All you have to do is to download our two FREE app—Cool A Guitar and Cool Piano. Check it out at Thanks a lot! Good luck and happy weekend!:p
  4. Thanks for your participation. We will pick up the winners on Monday Morning. Please pay much attention to our Facebook Page( Thanks again. :p
  5. A comment would be much appreciated. Your support would be greatly helpful for us.:p
  6. 【Attention】Hi,everyone. If you are already download Cool A Guitar or Cool Piano, you can recommend your favorite songs to us. We will try our best to update them one by one. Just leave a comment below. Thanks for your playing. *lol*

  7. 【Attention】Hi,everyone. I’m so excited to tell you that there is an awesome giveaway this weekend(since Sep. 22) on our Facebook Page( again. Just come and enter it to win 3×15 iTunes Gift Card! Please go and share this with your friends. Thanks for your participation. Thanks in advance. :D

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