Android [FREE] Zombie Sweeper: Minesweeper Action Puzzle (Solo Dev)

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    May 19, 2020
    Title : Zombie Sweeper: Minesweeper Action Puzzle
    Release date : May 5, 2020
    Android :
    iOS :

    [Dev Story: 20,000 hours of reckless challenge with zombies!]

    I'm recognized as zombie enthusiast. I've watching and playing countless number of zombie movies and games. As a game developer, there was one aspiration I had.

    I'm going to make an awesome zombie game someday! The opportunity didn't come for the last 15 years. I don't think I can make one if I just wait for the right moment.

    I have to make an opportunity for myself. I encouraged myself to leave the company and to develop the game alone. It was the beginning of a long troubled road with zombies.

    I wanted to incorporate something new with people-friendly. Then I came up with a minesweeper. It was a familiar game that many people around the world enjoyed for a long time, and I thought it was a good match for zombies.

    Minesweeper, zombie and action! I believe that a unique and fun game would come out if I add exciting actions.

    Armed with confidence, but the progress was not smooth. It was also difficult to develop the game by one person who had to take care of A to Z. It was like I was becoming a zombie.

    The biggest problem was to find the right difficulty balance and learning curve of users. It was not easy to explain and make the player understand the new rules added to Minesweeper.

    The level of difficulty differs from each person based on the level of understanding about the game make me hard to set the standard. I had to spend a lot of time listening to feedback, modifying, and testing to find the ideal balance.

    Just like that, 20,000 hours of my life disappeared into history.

    I want to share the fun of Zombie Sweepers with a lot of people so that the effort is not wasted.
    Until then, I will continue to challenge the reckless challenge with zombie spirit!

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