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    YOLO CHASE™ is the ultimate freeway police chase experience. Race your tricked out ride along a crowded freeway, dodging traffic and evading the popo. Can you be the greatest YOLO CHASE™ hero of all time? Can you outrun the police the next time they try to pull you over? How far can you go? YOLO!

    Game trailer:

    AWESOME PHYSICS physics based arcade driving simulation.

    MASSIVE DAMAGE - Realistic physics simulations of colliding vehicles when you lose control or get tapped out by police cruisers!

    DODGE AND WEAVE through cars in heavy traffic conditions just like a Hollywood car chase.

    OUTRUN POPO - Outrun the police using nitro and shield pickups or get airborne with random ramps.

    TRICK YOUR RIDE with paint, rim, tire, spoiler, ground effects and performance upgrades.

    COLLECT DOLO REWARDS to earn more cash to trick out your ride!

    COMPETE GLOBALLY with other YOLO CHASE™ racers on Game Center!

    SHARE THE ACTION with gameplay video clips of your most audacious stunts on Everyplay!

    HUGE UPDATES to come! More cars, more excitement and more missions.

    Prove your prowess on the streets in the most realistic depiction of California freeway driving to date.


    * Tilt to steer
    * Touch lower right sector of the screen to accelerate.
    * Touch lower left sector of the screen to brake.
    * Touch upper right sector of the screen to use nitro!
    * Touch upper left sector of the screen and hard turn to drift.







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