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    Mar 8, 2015
    Amazing and realistic car racing simulator
    Easy driving experience
    Improve your driver skills and burn the asphalt to be the first to cross the most wanted final checkpoint
    3D beautifull handcrafted enviroments
    Unique races each time due to random variety track obstacles, wich can be damaged and destroyed in pieces
    Buckle up and maneuver to use the ramps to get airborne speed and evade some obstacles like barrels
    Real cars sounds including turbo, skidmarks, wind, and many more
    4 control modes:
    - Touchscreen buttons
    - Gyroscope control
    - Usb/Bluetooth pad

    Real 4 player free game online multiplayer, drive with your friends or AI rivals and beat their best times and leaderboards
    Public and private sessions available
    Host your game or enter your friends game easily with a few screen touches
    Invite your Facebook friends to play with you
    Share your scores on facebook

    World Class Racer Evolution offers the players a fast racing experience in a variety of tracks around the world, drift fast and furious. Perform burnouts and enjoy

    Thanks for playing WCR Evolution

    Link a Google Play
    Video en Youtube

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