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Discussion in 'Android Games' started by Ogre Pixel, Nov 24, 2016.

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    Really cool game idea, love the retro (of course).

    A few comments:

    - Great gameplay, fast action, kind of twitchy, great music
    - Controls need work, badly. Many times my player would move up/down when I was pressing on the right side of the screen to shoot. I think it has to do with the multi-touch. I got hit/died many times based on this problem.
    - Not a fan of the perma-death feature, I would like to keep continuing. Starting over is quite boring when it's as simple as it is at the beginning, it feels like a waste of time.
    - Not sure how much legs this game will have for me, but I like it at the moment. Fix the controls bug and I'll play even more!

    Graphical Bug:
    - Samsung Galaxy S3: game was flickering strange yellow blocky lines on top of the play area, but eventually 'fixed' itself during play.

    Thanks for the cool game (Yes, I know it's been out for iOS for months now).
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    Hey! thanks for the comments! :) We like to know from our players!

    About the game controls, we have a secondary way to play warcher, for that press pause button, go to settings and turn On the "sreen buttons" option. Hope that works better for you ;)
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    I didn't see that option, I will give it a try.

    I think I know what my problem was, I was using 2 hands to play. Left to swipe up/down and right to shoot. That was natural for me. If you play with one finger/thumb it works fine, although I'm not nearly as good like that.

    Also, is there a way to use the combo when it fills up? That wasn't explained in the tutorial that I remember. I see the button in the upper left corner for the big shot, but not how to use combo if it's avail... or is that just a multiplier?
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    Combo is just a multiplier! each player increases it's strenght once the full combo is achieved, try to play with the screen buttons I think you will get a better experience :)
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    Hey! we are happy to share that we have already updated Warcher Defenders Android version!


    This new update includes the following:

    - New daily challenge full of fun and balloons!
    - Now revive as many times as you want by paying SP!
    - New retro look with scanlines!
    - Improved game balance!

    Remember you can grab it here:



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