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    Hi all

    After nearly 3 weeks of waiting for approval, Apple has finally released our free demo into the wild blue yonder...

    Here is a link to the game in iTunes
    Or try this one

    Like I said, this version is about 3 weeks old and does not have the player-suggested modifications in it, yet, but that version will be available for OSX and Windows either tomorrow or the day after...

    I read something about not being allowed to promote yourself and linking all over the place so I am not sure if I am allowed to give you the url to my new website... If you want it, just let me know via PM or if I am allowed to link to it here, please let me know that also :)

    Anyways, yeah, enjoy.... :)
    The game is set on EASY but at least it should provide a nice little diversion on the bus :)

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