[FREE] Valhalla Wars (by Animoca Brands)

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    Ascend to Valhalla and engage in real-time tactical battles!

    The game is still in its soft launch phase and is only available in the following countries for now:
    India, Philippines, Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, Finland, Sweden, Ireland, Poland

    Watch out for the worldwide release!

    App details:

    Plan your attack!
    This unique strategy game allows you to plan lines of attack for your army. You can bluff and deceive your opponents in real time. Watch as other players fall into your traps, and helplessly give ground to your brilliant strategies.

    Build an army with tens of unique units. Plan attacks together with your allies, and agree together on which strategic positions to conquer on the map.

    You have never played anything like this! Deep, true strategy, in a convenient mobile package.


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