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    Underworld Football Manager 2016 is where Football Management meets City Builder, Mafia and Real Life.
    The game is catered to interests of those who play Top Eleven, Fantasy Football, Championship Manager or similar "football manager" games.
    Free to play (in-app purchases).









    Key features:
    • Train your team and give them items.
    • Sign and develop star players.
    • Compete online against real life opponents in the league and tournaments.
    • Win by corruption: spy on your opposition, assault, bribe and vandalize them.
    • Level up and earn skills to gain "unfair" advantages over rivals.
    • Or take on a fairer strategy but defend yourself from rivals.
    • Cooperate with friends to take down opposition.
    • Bid against other managers in live player auctions.


    Supported Languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Italian, Turkish, Hebrew
    Monthly updates.

    Website: http://www.underworldfootball.com/
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    Latest update is out!

    Our latest update is ready!
    Here's a selection of what you can enjoy:

    - Special Tournaments: With massive prizes!*
    - New special item: the Concealed File*
    - Triple the rewards from Syndicate matches
    - Bigger money rewards each day you log in*
    - Zoom in and out of the city
    - More young players in the Talent Agency
    And lots more!

    *We'll be activating some of these within the next week, once everyone has had the chance to update on the App Store or Google Play

    UFM is a free-to-play online mobile football manager game. It uniquely combines traditional soccer management functionality with elements of a City Builder and Mafia to offer a "real life" immersive game experience.
    You compete against real-life opponents in the league and tournaments and cooperate with friends, sign soccer stars, bid in live player auctions, and develop your city and your team.
    You can also attack, bribe and vandalize you opposition to win by corruption.
    Quests help you learn the game, progress and earn game currency and achievements.
    You get access to more facilities, better items and players as you level up.

    For feedback and support use [email protected],
    or go to Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/FootballUnderworld/

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