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  1. Two Paths gameplay combines the best action of an endless runner with the thrill of a roller coaster. Follow the correct path that extends infinitely through all the twist, turns, and loops of the wildest roller coaster imagined at any amusement park.

    Download for FREE from Google Play:

    You must act quickly to avoid the holes and falling off the path. A single one tap control makes Two Paths easy to learn and super addictive to play. Just tap to change paths at the cross-overs and collect those valuable gems along the way.

    Your character starts off slow but the further you get along the two paths, the faster it gets!


    - Exciting and Addictive gameplay
    - Simple one touch controls
    - Google Play Services Leaderboard
    - Google Play Services Achievements
    - 20 Unlockable Tracks
    - Free gifts
    - Choose from different players and earn bonus score multipliers.
    - Collect Gems to use tons of Amazing Power Ups
    - Free gifts

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