[FREE]Try to hit - With a light click on the cube, jump to the next platform and change its color.

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    Try to hit - is a simple but addictive game, changing colors and easy concentration will help you to relax and pass the time.
    - Jump and change the color of the platform!
    - Jump and collect diamonds!
    - Jump and jump again!
    Just calculate the time you click on the cube so that it jumps to the next platform. Perhaps in the beginning it will be difficult, but a little skill and everything will work out!

    Features Try to hit:
    - Simplicity.
    - Bright colours.
    - Lack of forced advertising.


    Screenshot_20181008-212802.jpg Screenshot_20181008-212807.jpg Screenshot_20181008-212810.jpg Screenshot_20181008-212814.jpg Screenshot_20181008-212817.jpg Screenshot_20181008-212820.jpg

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