Android [FREE] Tama Curios - Coin Shooting Prize Collection (by Raven Sky Studios)

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    Hi Everyone,
    Our game Tama Curios is out on Google Play and we'll like to share with everyone here.

    Tama Curios is a relaxing coin shooting prize collecting arcade game to drive loneliness & boredom away! Easy coin arcade pastime game to kill time, while collecting beautiful pocket-able monsters/creatures called Curios!

    Download Tama Curios on Google Play :

    Coin Shooting Prize Catcher Mania! Shoot coins at flying surprise eggs & get showers of prizes & coin bursts. Surprise eggs explode into coin bursts mania that break more surprise eggs! Catch showers of prizes & coin drops with your prize catcher!

    Break the mystery eggs bosses before the giant eggs escape!
    Catch falling Curios to add them to your collection!

    Be a Coin Master for Free Spins & Coins! Shoot like a coin master & catch all the falling coin drops, as collected coins accumulate into free lucky wheel tickets for coin master free spins & coins!

    Amusement Parks Coin Arcade Game Experience in your Pocket! Experience the thrills of arcade coin game machines found in amusement parks, carnivals & circus, in your pocket!

    Best Coin Arcade Surprise Egg Game, Many Surprise Eggs to Discover! Easter Every Time You Play!
    ★ Level up to unlock surprise eggs that give more coin drops. Unlock giant surprise eggs that give you chances for exciting big coins!
    ★ Break surprise egg bosses before they escape to catch Curios! You’ll also meet super rare surprise egg bosses that might drop super rare Curios!
    ★ Break Bonus Rainbow Eggs & catch healthy foods! Fruits like cherries, mangoes, grapes & more (bombs?!) help you in your adventure! Get fruits bonuses like coin showers, egg-plosion, coin walls & egg breakers. Discover what fruit prizes can do!

    More Coin Arcade Gaming Fun!
    ★ Level up & unlock skill effects!
    ★ Complete sets of Curios collections & gain bonus skills in your quest to complete your Curios collections!
    ★ Catch coin drops, charge the magnet & activate it to attract & catch falling prize & coin drops!

    Boredom Killing Pastimes Fun with 60+ Curios to Collect!
    ★ 60+ Curios with their own little stories! Gotta catch 'em all!
    ★ Collect Curios & unlock Special Worlds! Catch Legendary Curios trapped in mystery surprise egg bosses!
    ★ Win rainbow coins from Lucky Wheels & shoot rainbow coins to rescue legendary Curios in special worlds!

    Free to Play Coin Arcade Game, Free Coins Galore!
    ★ Level up & get free golden coins!
    ★ Catch coins & win Lucky Wheel tickets for free spins!
    ★ Daily Login Lucky Wheels & Special Login Lucky Wheel spins throughout the day!

    More Coin Arcade Gaming Goodness!
    ★ Beautiful toy-like Curios for you to collect & share with friends!
    ★ Casual tap to shoot coin shooter & prize catcher gameplay.
    ★ Addictive coin fireworks gameplay! Break surprise eggs for thrilling coin bursts that break other flying surprise eggs for amazing fireworks of prize & coin showers!
    ★ Best coin arcade egg game with addictive coins & prize catcher coin arcade gameplay with special bonuses & coin drops for more free play!
    ★ Pocket arcade fun enjoyed in amusement parks, carnival & circuses, with you where you go!
    ★ Many special stages to unlock!
    ★ Many player levels for bonus effects & free coins!
    ★ Realistic physics for prize & coins drops!
    ★ Addictive leisure pastime coin arcade game to kill time & boredom!
    ★ Fun of coin pushers, prize claws & fish hunter arcades in 1 game!

    Best Mobile Coin Arcade Gaming Time!
    ★ 1 Hand Play! One handed coin arcade game fun with one handed operation.
    ★ Mobile Comfort! Best enjoyed as portrait mode game.
    ★ DL Anywhere! Small game with small mb dl.
    ★ Offline Play! Play without wifi.
    ★ No intrusive ads! Support us at your leisure.

    Download Tama Curios on Google Play :

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    Apr 6, 2020
    Nice and good game
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  3. RavenSky

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    Hi Peter, thank you and glad you enjoyed Tama Curios

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