[FREE] Super Boost Monkey - a 3D endless game

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    Super Boost Monkey finally launches onto Google Play!

    Boost Monkey is on the loose! There’s chaos in the lab!
    Jump into your Pedal-Copter in this endless escapade as you boost your banana count and reach lightning fast speeds.

    Super Boost Monkey features:
    • ★ Collect bananas to boost your pedal-copter up to insane speeds.
    • ★ Tap to stay in the air and avoid obstacles.
    • ★ Music by BAFTA-nominated video game composer Steve Burke.
    • ★ Unlock new areas and power-ups that mess with physics!
    • ★ Many ways to play: Grow huge to smash through walls or dematerialize to pass through them!
    • ★ Hours of missions that will push you to the limit.
    • ★ Scare the hazmat scientists as you boost past them.
    • ★ Absolutely no lane-changing gameplay!
    • ★ Can you discover all the secrets?


    Gameplay Trailer:

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