[FREE]Strike Mania: A mix of zigzag and 10-pins bowling game

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    Oct 5, 2016

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    I would like to present my new android game. It is a mix of 10-pins bowling game and zigzag endless runner. Just stay on the platform and knock down as much pins as possible.

    Game Modes
    • Every level has a fixed number of frames and a target score to reach! The first levels are very easy but things get crazy with level 15 where you have to score an average of 10 points per 10-pins frame !!

    • This mode is extremely challenging.You have to score at least 70 points every 7 frames! That is an average of 10 points per 10-pins frame. If you score less than 70 it's GAME OVER!

    Please try it and give me your feedbacks.

    I hope you enjoy it!

    Thank you very much!

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