Android [Free] Starfleet Pilot - routelite-ish arcade scifi shooter

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  1. Howdy Pilots!

    Google Play:

    You want to try your skills as a space pilot that was stranded on an alien planet? Starfleet Piilot just reached beta testing and I am looking forward to your feedback!

    It is a mashup of a rougelite(-ish) and an arcade sci-fi shooter. After being pulled out of the warp speed, you try to make your way through hordes of enemies, upgrading your ship to finally reach the planet overlord. If you fail, then the time loops back on itself and the story goes again.

    Gameplay trailer


    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    You can also download HD soundtrack from here:

    Let me know what do you think!

    I will be posting more updates here as well.


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