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    Space Ball Mania on Google Play

    Space Ball Mania is a new kind of skill game where you have to navigate your ball(s) through checkpoints within a specific time. Tap anywhere on the screen and your ball rolls there. But be careful, there are several traps on the way there.

    - 3 different game modes are available for you to play: Time Trial Mode, Endless Checkpoint Mode and Random Checkpoint Mode

    - 5 different upgrades to make controll of your ball easier: Ball Size, Ball Weight, Step, Rewind and Checkpoint Time.

    Your main goal is to hit as many checkpoints as possible. Hit dynamits where the white lamp is flashing. Collect 7 checkpoints to get another balls and multiply your rewards. Don't fall in to the holes or hit wrong dynamits because those actions cause punishments. Also fall out of the platform means game is over right away!

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