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    Why Pay For Apps If You Can Get It For FREE !!!

    Free Shopping List is a beautiful, simple and easy to use shopping list app for your iPhone and iPad. Get Another Free Checklist App that come with this download !!! It is double FREE !

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    Features :
    1. Pre-loaded complete categories of shopping items. You may add more category as you like
    -Fresh vegetables
    -Fresh fruits
    -Refrigerated items
    -Various groceries
    -Canned foods
    -Spices & herbs
    -Baked goods
    -Themed meals
    -Baby stuff
    -Personal Care
    -Cleaning products
    -Office supplies
    -Other stuff

    2. Each categories has list of related items, which you could set the required quantity and current pricing. You could also change the name of the items. You may add more items to any category

    3. Build a quick list of items by selecting items from the different shopping categories. You can then check the item once it has been purchased. The total purchase amounts of the selected items will be calculated based on the quantity and pricing your have maintained. The info will be shown on the main screen as summary

    4. Build multiple shopping list (My Lists) for different events and re-use as you like, with summary of total purchase amount. Below are examples of shopping list for the different events
    -Office Supplies
    -Holiday Dinner
    -Weekly Groceries

    5. Support for both iPhone and iPad, with unlimited shopping list and catalog items creation

    6. Free Bonus Gift (Household Checklist Apps ) with every download. Look for "FREE Bonus" button to grab this app !

    7. Totally FREE Apps with complete features, no in-apps purchase ! The best FREE shopping list in App Store !

    Grab this robust app today and start building your shopping list with no more hassles ! Make your daily shopping as efficient as you like it to be !

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