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    Sahih Muslim is a Complete Hadith collection app which provides you a complete list of Hadith. Sahih Muslim contains a complete chain of narrators so that if you have any confusion you can consult it.Sahih Muslim provides you daily hadith feature so that you can relate your daily life matter with the Sunnah of Holly Prophet (PBUH). Sahih Muslim if gift for those who are willing to learn the knowledge of Hadith.


     Complete and authentic source of Hadith you can verify any hadith if you have any confusion.
     Daily hadith remainder allows you to Learn daily something new from the Sunnah.You can use it by enabling the feature of daily hadith features.
     Sahih Muslim app is divided into chapters on specific topics.
     You can share any hadith among your friend on social media and gain extra reward by sharing Sunnah.
     If you like any Haidth you can set that Hadith to your favorite so that you can use it for future reference or learning.you can do this by using add to favorite feature.
     While reading any hadith you can move forward and backward by using navigation feature.
     You can customize them by changing font size, color and background.​

    you can also download Sahih Muslim for Android:
    Download Sahih Muslim for Android |

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