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Discussion in 'Android Games' started by LeHaine, Aug 29, 2015.

  1. LeHaine

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    Aug 29, 2015
    My name is Colt and I have just released my first mobile game called "Sage's Sky". It is a fun simple "launcher" game where you help a bird named Sage travel as far as possible. It offers classic "launcher" game play and adds a simple one touch control to help control Sage.

    Your mission is to help Sage travel as far as possible by avoiding deadly spikes and colliding with obstacles to increase distances. There are many different obstacles that increase Sage's distance such as power-ups, bugs to increase energy, bombs, and lots more.

    Game play is like this:
    Swipe sage out of his nest to send him flying. Tap the screen to make Sage flap to avoid or go after an obstacle. Tap and hold to allow Sage to glide slowly down to the ground. Attempt to collect power-ups, coins, eat the good bugs, avoid the bad bugs, get thrown by a catapult, hit an air draft, and more. At the end of each flight upgrade Sage's many different abilities to increase his distance. Once Sage is fully upgraded he can be reincarnated to become a more majestic, bigger, and faster bird.

    - Procedurally generated scenery and obstacles.
    - Smooth refined flying physics.
    - Easy to play
    - Extensive upgrade system to maximize distance.
    - Discover 5 birds, each with their own unique base stats.
    - Beautiful, elegant visual graphics and effects.
    - Play on iPhone, iPad, or Android devices.

    Release Date: 2015/08/29
    Price: Free
    Platform: iOS/Android
    Available on App Store and Google Play Store

    Home page and media: http://www.sagessky.com
    Press kit can be found here: http://www.crazyandcoding.com/press/sheet.php?p=sages_sky
    Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.crazyandcoding.sagessky

  2. LeHaine

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    Aug 29, 2015
    Sage's Sky - Update 1.0.1

    I have just pushed an update to the Google Play Store to be released sometime this today with a bunch of changes to the game. I've gotten a lot of great feedback and made some changes that seemed necessary.

    Here are the list of changes:
    - Sage is now on the left side of the screen instead of being centered, allowing the player to react to objects more easily.
    - Some minor bug fixes.
    - Prices have been reduced by 50%.
    - After every reincarnation, prices are increased by of the base price.
    - Swipe speed has been increased.
    - Added a mute all sound button to the main menu and pause menu
    - Some minor GUI changes.

    I hope you guys enjoy the new update when it comes out later today!


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