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    Hi ,

    we are JODA Brothers and unlike one famous star-wars character with similarly spelled name, we no problems with correct word order have.

    As a school project we recently completed our very first Android game and we are currently looking for any way to promote it, to get some feedback and, let's be honest, bring it to the light of the day from the darkness of Google Play Store depths.

    The name of the game is Run Jonah Run and it is a simple one. Jonah the Snail constantly runs across the screen like a maniac, avoiding stomping feet, collecting bonuses and simply trying to survive. There are even achievements for every 5 meters of distance covered :) The rest is explained (hopefully in non-confusing way) in description on Google Play Store and in our tutorial which is included in the game – it starts after you tap Play for the first time.

    You can download the game here:


    Our aim was to make it addictive enough without using illegal substances and frustrating enough to question your mental health. We sincerely hope to achieve that.

    Word of advice – try playing it while sitting on the loo – for some reason confined spaces suit the nervous breakdowns after many snail deaths best.

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