Android [FREE] Rising Sushi - one button arcade about stacking pieces with a claw crane

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    Jul 28, 2016

    Hello everyone. I'm a solo Gamemaker developer who likes to make easy to learn, hard to master mobile games, with minimalist and precise controls (one or two touch), polished game feel, and unique visuals that look pleasant.

    My new game, Rising Sushi is an arcade where you have to build and endless tower of sushi dragging and dropping pieces with your claw with a single touch of the screen.

    The player must place the pieces in the right sequence, take and remember orders to assemble the correct combinations of sushi to earn extra points, and master the sushi cannon, a fever mode you activate getting consecutive perfect drops that is played like a shooter mini game.

    The game's look is inspired by classic woodblock printings, and uses hand-made animations as transition between the menu and the different parts of the game.

    Hope you like it.

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