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    d-Studio LLC is proud to present a FREE voice recorder designed for professionals - RecApp for iOS. The key functionality includes:

    * Use Comments:
    - Add Comments to mark the important parts of the record
    - Add instant comments (Double tap during the recording process). For more convenience when recording the interview.
    - Share Records with your comments. If you need to share the record with your notes you can simply share it via any channel. Your recipient would have to use Recapp to open the record to see all your comments in place.

    * Use Tags:
    - Customize the tags anyway you like
    - Use the tags to manage your audio library

    * Open audio files in mp3, m4a, wav. and even .mov (Recapp will detach audio from a .mov video file)
    * Import Audio Files via iTunes
    * Use the RecApp iOS8 Widget for fast access to your records
    * Share your audio files via Airdrop, Mail, Messages or share directly to SoundCloud.
    * Use Different Appearance Themes

    Find more on Apple Store page or RecApp website

    App info is currently processing and/or the app is not yet fully available for sale on the US App Store.

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