[free] Rage Quit Racer (extreme speed 3D racer)

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    May 11, 2011
    I recently started on a journey to re-create the fun that I had playing Minecraft dropper maps with my youngest children and out of it was born Rage Quit Racer. The blocks disappeared and tunnels and struts appeared in their place, pickups, traffic, asteroids, bombs etc.. also appeared. The fun part "falling downwards at high speed and dodging dangers" remains.

    Rage Quit Racer is basically an extreme speed drop down long and dangerous tunnels, the high speed and danger coupled with kicking music is a rush. To play, you travel around the edges of the tunnel by tilting the device (for those using VM's a new release will include key support) dodging hazards and collecting points and pickups. When you do hit a hazard you will lose a shield, but these can be replenished as you drop. You can also use temporary speed boosts which can be chained together to travel at immense speed.

    The game has 8 different tunnels with each becoming steadily more difficult. It also features online multiplayer, leaderboards and achievements.

    A video showing Rage Quit Racer in action can be viewed on Youtube
    The game can be downloaded for free from Google Play

    Coming soon to iOS and web.




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