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    Dec 17, 2015
    Hello... and can I have your attention a bit, please? Thank you! :)
    Let me introduce my free Android game "Color Flood Filler" - kind of "Flood It"/"Filler" games.

    Its advantages (why I hold it outstanding):
    1. Lots of Settings.
    2. Fog of war (on some levels).
    3. On some levels may appear walls: simple or as a Maze.
    4. You can zoom the map and move it. Because map size can be ultra big - up to 200x200 tiles.
    5. There may be 2 or 4 players - bots or humans.
    6. Bots AI does not trick. It may train you, it may be stupid; but if you selected hardest level for it - then no mercy for you; and be forbear - AI may think really hard (so long).
    7. There are no any advertising in the game (so the game does not get any promotion).

    The game is allowed for people of any age (3+ by PEGI).
    The game is member of the program “Designed For Families” ("Brain Games").
    The game supports the commonly used languages (13 for now).
    Alas game has a poor graphics design; no kittens inside or other nice stuff.
    Game has simple: animation (e.g. showing current player tiles), demo and sounds.

    Link to the game demo video (2 minutes): https://youtu.be/j5MOPWmj5wM

    Link to the game on GooglePlay: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mosync.app_FloodFiller

    Few screenshots:


    Thanks for your time! :) Please let me know if you want to improve some translation of the game.

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