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    To thank our loyal customers, between September 26th and through to September 28th, we will be giving away all our apps on APPLE iOS (base price only, not in-app purchases) for free for a limited time! While quantities last!

    Follow the link below to our main website with the promotion details and direct links to the apps that are on promotion!

    PLEASE TELL EVERYONE! It's only for a limited time and starts on the 26th of September 2012 (WEDNESDAY)!

    Thank you for your business!

    Abhinav Gupta
    Lead Developer and CEO
    Game Scorpion Inc.
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    Oh. These games. No offense, but they are not the games I'd hold to be the pinnacle of the App Store. I'm glad you're working to make them free, but...
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    Hi :)

    Hello andsoitgoes,

    Thanks for the response, these are not just games but also apps as well. We have a mix of various apps and games in the Apple market.

    They are all free for a limited time, and we are always working on updates based on user feedback.

    From the point of view of a developer, if we simply aimed at perfection first, we would not be able to release any apps as we would always be developing. Apps take time to develop and require great user feedback so we can keep growing and making apps better.

    If you do have any idea or suggestions on how we can make our apps better for end users such as yourself, please feel free to email us at or you may also give us suggestions and feedback right on our website here:

    Apps rarely start off perfect, and require lots of time to update and upgrade, and for this reason we are always releasing upgrades and updates for our apps.

    We do our very best to make our products better on each update and to always keep our users happy.

    Thank you for taking the time to check them out and please share this great promotion with others :)

    Abhinav Gupta
    Lead Developer and CEO
    Game Scorpion Inc.
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    Promotion Day 2

    Our second day of the promotion is almost over!

    Get your free apps before the end of the promotion tomorrow!

    GO HERE:

    And please pass the link around, only 1 more day left!

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    I download one of them and try, good

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