iPad [FREE]PokerSlot - a new style gambling roulette

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    new style gambling, FREE NOW!!

    it's pleasure for me to introduce you our new game PokerSlot. What's PokerSlot about?
    it's a remake of russian roulette, which was a famous casino game in What's Hot category and reached several thousands of downloads.

    If you tired of existing casino games, you have to try PokerSlot.

    ******how to play******
    there are 9 terms in this game, you need to bet any term by tapping the chip in area, then you can tap "start/take" button to make the light running around the board.

    the light will run around and finally stop at one of them.
    if you got the term, you will win the score and credit. beside,every term has its own music for extra fun.
    as the game started, you have 100 credit in default.

    ******high score******
    to see what's your best score.

    for more information in the game.
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    Wow....nice interface of the game. Looking attractive to play. And the main this is that it is free to play. I will sure try this site and try my luck in this. Lets see...who wins the match, my luck or the site.

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