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    Beantown Game Shop LLC announced the recent update of their arcade game Kingdom Come for Android devices running on Android 2.3 and up. Kingdom Come is a thrilling Good vs Evil story set in a fantasy world where players fight and foraging through epic battles and quests.

    Get Kingdom Come on Google Play http://bit.ly/1GAydgk
    Kingdom Come is bound to make you fall in love with the genre ! Plus it is completely Ad free !!

    - Aesthetically vibrant visuals
    - Story driven world for a unique experience
    - Best of both worlds turn based RPG and match-three battle system
    - Kingdom Come gives the player the ability to do an Invalid move, giving you more control and adding more to the depth !
    - Intuitive game play that is fun and immersive
    - A multitude of achievements to unlock
    - 200 plus levels of sheer entertainment
    - Clean UI for more enhanced user experience
    - Loads of coins to collect and upgrades to purchase

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