Panzer Joust: Online Multiplayer Tank Combat

Imagine playing a classic game like Atari's Combat online with friends from all over the world! Now you can! Jump in you…
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Imagine playing a classic game like Atari's Combat online with friends from all over the world! Now you can! Jump in your panzer tank and join the action! 2 to 4 player realtime multiplayer deathmatch! Invite your friends to a duel. Who will be victorious?

Controls and Play:
The main control is a virtual thumb stick. It's invisible and will follow your thumb or finger anywhere on the screen. Swiping and holding will also work. You must stop before you can fire on your enemies. Tap to shoot. Quick successive swiping in your enemy's direction is also a good way to lay down a blanket of fire. Don't get caught in the water! Each round lasts 5 minutes with a 20 second break between maps.

Initially there may be few players online which may make it difficult to find a match automatically. If you have trouble, then tell and invite your friends to play Panzer Joust. The more players there are, then the easier it will be to find matches. You can send match invites from the game or from Game Center to other players who have the game installed. This is a multiplayer game, so get your friends to play too!

If at any time you experiece disruptions to the game, or any pop up error messages. Please let us know by sending an email to: Be sure to include a description of what happend, what you expected to happen, and any error codes that were displayed.

Now, sing along to the Panzerlied:

Whether it storms or snows
Whether the sun shines upon us
The day burning hot
Or the night freezing cold
Dusty are our faces
But happy we are at heart
We're at heart
Our tank roars ahead
Along with the storm wind

With thundering engines
Fast as a lightning bolt
The enemy engaging
Within our armor plates
Come on comrades
In the battle, all alone
We stand all alone
That's how we strike deep
Into the enemy's ranks

When an enemy tank
Appears ahead of us
Full throttle is given
And we close with the foe
What value then is our life
For the army of our nation
Yes army of our nation
For to die for Germany
Is our highest honour

With obstacles and tanks
The enemy blocks our path
We laugh about it
And simply pass them by
And if we are threatened by guns
Hidden in the yellow sand
In the yellow sand
We find ourselves a path
That no one else found

And if we are abandoned
By that unfaithful luck
And if we don't return
To our homeland again
If a bullet strikes us down
If our fate calls upon us
Yes our fate upon us
Then for us the tank will be
An honorable grave

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