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    *** Numika is Free ! ***
    Buy only if you support the development of the game.

    Welcome to Numika, the mathematical puzzle game !
    Swipe to interact with other cards, and try to find the target.

    The more level you have, harder the game will be.
    So, choose wisely, be patient, this is the key to get combos !

    * Randomly generated levels
    * Progressive difficulty...
    * ... in an endless challenge !
    * Practice mode
    * No in-app purchases, free updates for life
    * Share your level on Twitter or Facebook !


    Play store

    Play store (Free version)

    The game will be available soon on IOS.

    Personal note
    I'm alone on this project (sounds, assets, gameplay, code...). Hope you enjoy it :)
    Feel free to post comments or suggestions, or something you want to see in new updates.


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