Android [Free] Nordicandia: Semi-idle action RPG

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    Nordicandia is a semi-idle action RPG with a deep and unique crafting system. Collect epic loot, craft and merge items, and level up your character to beat the World Bosses!

    It's currently available as an early access version, here are some of the features:

    ★ Deep crafting system
    Merge stats from one item to another with The Blacksmith, disassemble items to craft your own, and use relics to further empower your equipment!

    ★ Skills for your playstyle
    Invest points into skill masteries to customize your gameplay.
    Do you prefer an active playstyle, or do you want to be more passive and boost your character's AFK power?
    The choice is yours!

    ★ Auto move and attack
    Your character will target and attack monsters automatically, but you can tap-to-move and use skills and potions in strategic moments.

    Get it from Google Play:
    Game Website:





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