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    Nitro Warriors is a fast-paced racing game where you compete AI controlled opponents.
    Your main mission to defeat bosses, collect coins, stars, trophies and skillpoints, and unlock better cars. Race on every 18 levels of a stage to collect coins and stars. Depending on your finish position 1, 2 or 3 trophies and skillspoints can be awarded. Trophies are given once based on your best result. A given number of trophies has to be collected to unlock boss races. Defeating of bosses increase your skillpoints higher amount. After a given amount of skillponts better cars are unlocked. Every unlocked cars open new stages.
    Collect coins to purchase new stages with longer levels. The longer level means more collectable coins and stars.
    Collect stars to purchase upgrades for nitro of your current car. Faster car gives easier 1st position.
    Collect trophies to unlock bosses of the given stages. Beating of bosses give 100 skillpoints.
    Collect skillpoints to unlock new cars and stages. A better car brings better results.

    6 CARS WITH DIFFERENT CHASSIS feature visually tuned dune riders.
    MORE THAN 170 STAGES for every cars that means 1000+ stages in all.
    MORE THAN 18 BOSS RACES per cars that means 110+ boss races in all.
    9 DIFFERENT ENVIRONMENTS with various stage distance.
    EASY, ONE BUTTON CONTROL with tunable features.




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