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    Aug 24, 2016

    We are Catastrophe Games, small polish developer team. http://cat-astrophe-games.com/

    Escape Universe: Space Beyond" is our new action shooter in the outer space with an incredible storyline.
    Escape is now available for free on Android, but we working hard on iOS version.

    The game features a hard science-fiction universe, inspired by numerous books and movies. Filled with aliens, pirates and scavengers, the story is presented through numerous plots and side quests. It is combined with a very dynamic gameplay, reminiscent of the old top-down shooter games.

    The gameplay keeps changing - sometimes you fight, sometimes you run. Other times you need to catch an enemy or board the alien ship. As soon as you think you're good at something, the rules change, as your ship's weapon system gets stolen, or a powerful boss attacks you.

    Everything presented with a dreadful minimalistic graphics.

    You will find game on:

    Watch the original launch trailer:

    The game is being featured right now by Google in the "Indie Corner" section of the Google Play.


    We would like to improve the game, so please help us - play and comment:).

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