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    Oct 24, 2019

    W wrote game about MTB downhill racing, but this time i'ts a bit different because
    instead of a bike you ride a special 4 wheel buggy. I made it this way becasue bikes tend
    to crash and fall and I wanted something more stable so the player can focus on maintainig the biggest speed possible.

    Ride on special four wheeled buggy through various mountain terrains to get to the checkpoints and complete your race before time ends.
    Race on wide open tracks and choose the best route to gain speed. Use obstacles to improve your performance, jump on bumps, bridges, cliffs or even house roofs to gain more time. The bigger the jump the more time you gain.
    Get the highest score and rule the online ranking.
    Unlock awards for every finished track.
    Win races, gain points and unlock new tracks.
    See your buggy suspension going through rough terrains softening jumps and rocks.

    Features :
    - Easy steering and simple controls
    - Wide open tracks
    - Realistic physics
    - Online leaderboards
    - Track awards
    - Unlockable maps with unique features
    - Beautiful 3D graphics with realistic sound effects

    How to play:
    For steering rotate your device like teering wheel.
    To accelerate, brake or reset your position use on screen buttons.
    Use your awards to buy fast reset and additional time bonuses to make your game easier.
    Your goal is to finish the track before time ends.


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