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    Feb 10, 2021
    Programming, Level Design, Music Composition
    Jump into this epic story driven 2D Action Platformer, created by 2 indie game developers, fight against the God of Darkness to save the Maeldor from this doom!

    Google Play Store Link

    After a hard work of 1.5 year, we're proud to say that we've released our first game on February 3, 2022, Maeldor: 2D Action Platformer is available on Google Play Store, after being in Beta for couple of months.

    Maeldor is a 2D Action Platformer with some RPG elements in it and entire game shapes itself according to a storyline.


    You’ll be able to control 3 characters in the game (at the moment Turmaeg is the only character playable in the game and the other ones will become available in the future updates), Turmaeg, Anoriel and Pelethorn. Each character have two unique skills and also one ultimate skill which helps them a lot in troubling situations. Also you’ll be able to improve these skills in the characters upgrade page -to make more damage, to be faster or even become invincible for a longer period of time- with points called “Soul Points”. As you can guess, these Soul Points will be available for you to collect throughout the entire game inside the levels.


    There are 8 unique chapters in the game and every chapter has 3 levels, and plus the final boss level, so totally there are 25 playable chapters in the game at the moment. All levels are different from each other with their unique environments, enemies and interactive elements. So as you move on, enemies change, environments change and naturally mechanics change. Icy grounds, deadly traps, dangerous mountains, magical platforms and much more.

    Let’s not forget about the bosses... You’ll find 8 unique bosses at the end of each chapter and you have to defeat them in order to move on with your journey. Let us tell you that, it won't be easy :)


    Everything you see in this game is handcrafted. Unique levels to travel and explore, from dense green and golden forests to the barren and dead frozen lands.


    Orcs, vampires, pirates, necromancers, dragons and much more.

    Explore huge levels, choose different paths, and find hidden treasures. Uncover the secrets in this magical realm.


    Maeldor: 2D Action Platformer is created only by our own funding and there were nothing else, we've worked for 1.5 year in our spare time while working in our daily jobs to create this game, which was our dream.

    What we're trying to create here is not the just the game itself, but a world we call Maeldor. We write stories about this world on our website, so if you'd like you can check them out too!

    If you'd like to know more about the world we're creating, you can always check our website for it, link can be found on the developer info below.




    LAUNCH DATE: February 3, 2022




    -27 Unique handcrafted levels
    -30+ Different Enemies like Bandits, Goblins, Drakes, Wolves, Bats, Demons and more.
    -8 Strong End Level Boss with Unique Fighting Styles
    -Character Upgrades and Combos
    -A Uniquely Created World Map
    -Background Stories of the Characters
    -9 Different Soundtrack for each Chapter
    -Gamepad Support (ONLY IN GAMEPLAY FOR NOW)

    We're only 2 person worked on this game for more than 1.5 year and this is our first game, we know that it is not the best game out there, or it is not something revolutionary in the genre, but everyone starts from somewhere. If you love to experience a sweet looking 2D platformer with an exciting story, just give it a try, there are lots of things to discover and to be involved in our game.

    Unfortunately we couldn't publish our game to the IOS yet, which we've intended to do at the beginning, but because of our financial situation, and also there are no one else other than us funding the game and also ourselves, we couldn't afford to buy a mac computer. Hopefully, we'll do that when we secure some fundings from the game in the future.

    And please if you have any questions or feedback about us or our game please do not hesitate to contact us, we love getting feedback about us or our game.

    Email: [email protected]


    Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.maeldorgames.AdventurersofMaeldor

    Press Kit: https://www.maeldorgames.com/?p=708

    Website: https://www.maeldorgames.com/

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/maeldorgames

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/adventurersofmaeldor


    "The Council of the Divine Seven has chosen you – yes, you – to recover the Cargo crush the dark god once and for all. If that doesn’t get your fantasy juices flowing, nothing will."

    Droid Gamers (Review)

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