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    Motion Tennis Cast

    Introducing Wii-like Tennis for Android Smartphones, Chromecast & Wear - now available for FREE worldwide at the Google Play Store - http://bit.ly/MTC-a

    Gameplay video:

    In addition to all the standard elements of the tennis game, various Tennis shot types like Normal, Slice and Lob and playing tennis at various difficulty based AI, the game has a new Player Vs Player experience where you can play tennis online with your social graph using G+ or Facebook. What’s really cool there will be Android Watch integration that will allow users to play tennis in the most natural way (feature will come as an update).





    • Swing like a Champion: Swing real forehands and backhands by swinging your Android Smartphone and taking control of your player on TV.
    • Hit multiple shots like the groundstroke, slice and lob, and simultaneously give accurate direction to the ball, just like in real Tennis sport
    • Get Fit: Get an approximate count of calories burnt with each match and track total calories burnt - fitness is now fun with Motion Tennis Cast
    • Choose between Grass, Clay or Synthetic courts along with four difficulty levels to become a game pro
    • Time Attack Mode: Challenge players all around the world. With your scores, you can even compete in online leader boards in the "Time Attack" mode.
    • Other features: Multiple Google Play achievements, beautifully designed second screen support, dynamic cameras for more immersive user experience and more

    Motion Tennis is powered by Edison Award winning Rolomotion™ technology.

    Try the Free game now - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rolocule.motiontennis

    Let us know how you like the game.

    Rolocule Games

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