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    Sep 4, 2013
    Hey Folks,

    Great News another upcoming block buster is just released on Google Play Store and its iOS version is coming soon.

    Pop The Ball Up is most challenging game.

    Are you up for a mind blowing game on your smartphone? Pop The Ball UP is a fun game that goads you to play more and more! You should be quite a player to guide the ball to pass the first few barriers!

    You think you are an invincible gamer? Pop The Ball UP is the most unbeatable game you have ever played. Check it out and you will be surprised by this amazing game!


    You can Free Download Pop The Ball Up from Google Play Store here

    Pop The Ball Up, achieve new score and challenge your friends via twitter/facbook to beat your score, if they can.

    Soon We will run contest on this and offer giveaway you reach 50, 100 and more scores.

    Stay Tuned and follow us on Twitter and facebook.

    If you have any suggestion and feedback, please do not hesitate to write us.


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