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    Sep 12, 2015
    Hi Everyone,

    We are an independent team of developers and we have just published our first game, Meteor Clash, available on Google Play for free.


    Here are a few screenshots and a short description. Let me know what you think!!




    Meteor Clash is a simple but addictive arcade game. Travel in an infinite journey through space to save your planet from certain destruction.

    Move in zig-zag and tap anywhere on the screen to change direction or bounce on the top/bottom of the screen.
    Dodge a series of obstacles: avoid comets that cause damage and asteroids that destroy everything they hit.
    Watch the trajectory of the celestial objects, anticipate their position and find the safe path for your planet.
    Protect the core of your planet to survive and try to collect power-ups to regain health and travel further in the universe.

    Collect bonus points to unlock new planets and new backgrounds.

    Test your reflexes and ability as the game becomes increasingly difficult and try to beat your friends’s best scores and rise in the leaderboard.

    How long can you make it?


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