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    We're very happy to introduce our game on this forum.
    We're returned finally! Get it FREE and enjoy it!

    Now, The bomber is brand new trend!! Farewell the fighters like a weak glass.

    Become a gunner of various bomber, shot down the enemy that is aiming to you!

    Exhilarating pleasure felt at your fingertips!

    Fictional or non-fictional. This is the Mission!!

    The first World War (WW1) and the Second World War (WW2) weapons both appeared in!

    Check in right now [MEDAL of GUNNER 2].

    = Features of "MEDAL of GUNNER 2" =

    1. Elastic~

    Radiate flame turret against multiple enemies....Hit him again why ?!

    2. Choosing fun of bombers!

    The bomber of a variety of performance !! Historical research is a bonus !! Bombers add SERVICES SERVICES

    3. The First World War (WW1) and the Second World War (WW2) is in your arms.

    Scored hot and ace of the down in history! (Mission Mode)

    4. I am the Best !!

    Fun to compete with your friends in Challenge mode!

    5. I'm not an Otaku, I'm just a military mania.

    Achievement system that works fully and Facebook!

    BDI official facebook

    Google Play Link
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    Game crashes on start up. Start screen, "loading data", crash. iPhone 6 plus, 8.1.3
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    It's fixed. Please retry it. :)

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